Mother of All Days

In my childhood we were not good at celebrating Mother’s Day. I can remember going to church and other mother’s had orchid corsages on. My friends’ families would be going out to lunch after church to celebrate mother’s day. My mom was lucky if we drew her a picture.

I blame my lack of Mother’s day celebrating on my Dad. He wasn’t big on birthdays either. Christmas was the big gift giving day. He kind of gave you gifts when he thought of it or you needed it. He gave my mother every Saturday off by taking us three girls out of the house early in the morning and doing all the errands with us. She also got coffee in bed every morning so that everyday was like Mother’s Day for her.

Thankfully Russ and Carter are much better at acknowledging Mother’s Day. Carter sent me beautiful flowers with the best note and Russ gave me a trip to visit Carter.

I on the other hand called my mother, continuing the no gift Mother’s Day of my childhood. I should do better. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mother’s out there. Everyone deserves to be treated well everyday, but it is nice to have one day when the guilt gets you at least breakfast in bed. (For the record Russ brings me breakfast everyday so I am well spoiled.)

I hope my mother knows how much she is loved, even though she never got an orchid corsage or a lunch out.

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