Joys of Mah Jongg Friends

The best thing that comes from teaching Mah Jongg is making new friends. As far as I am concerned you just can’t have too many friends. Playing a game with someone is a tried and true way to make friends. We learned to do it as children and the same rules exist into adult hood.

You like people you are fun to play with. You like those who are kind and helpful. You like people who are fair and honest.

Teaching people something that is fun is the best way to make friends. I count myself as nothing but lucky as this is what I get to do with my time. One of the side benefits to me is how kind and generous these friends are to me.

Today I drove down to Morehead city to spend three nights with my friend Scottie. We first met because her husband Barry and I were on the food bank board together. He is a favorite of mine and I loved Scottie the first time I met her, but really got to know her through Mah Jongg. She generously invited me to come stay at their house as I am teaching at the Dunes club this week.

I also got to spend a little time with my friend Mary Jo today, who took me to her favorite store where I got a cute dress. I never would have gotten to know these sweet women as well as I did, if at all if it weren’t for Mah Jongg.

I am not discounting my old friends, who I love and lean on regularly. Today I had lunch with dear Shelayne before I made my drive. I have not gotten to see her as much as I would like, but with her 10th grandchild on the way she is more than busy. I will probably never have anything close to 10 grandchildren so I am just going to have to keep collecting Mah Jongg friends. The good thing is I never have to wipe their noses.

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