I Can Make It Rain

All week I have been praying for rain. I was too busy to properly water my gardens. I had to ask Russ to do it at 6:30 one morning when he was too busy to water. I like when Mother Nature waters for me.

Today rain is predicted, but later at night. I wasn’t sure I could wait to see if that actually happens. See, if it doesn’t then my poor plants are that much more stressed.

I waiting until the late afternoon to see if the rain came. It didn’t so I went out to work in the garden. I have a few new zucchini plants to put in as the last of the squash plantings. I had six more bush bean seeds to put in as part of the successive rows of beans. Weeding and pruning and the harvesting to spinach for dinner. I got a good amount of those jobs done except for all the weeding of the pathways. Then the rain started.

At first a few sprinkles. I kept working. Then a little stronger, not drenching, but more than sprinkles. I thought, “Well, now I won’t have to water.” I decided I should come inside and not ruin my freshly washed hair.

Shay was with me and we sashayed into the garage. I changed out of my garden clogs, took off my gloves, stowed the pruning and harvesting shears. Once inside I looked out the window on the other side of the house. The rain was heavier on that side. I swear my house is the dividing line between plenty of rain and barley any.

As soon as I was settled inside working on a new project I glanced out at the garden. No rain. Yes, the cars were wet, but I could not see any new drops coming down.

I can get it to rain if I go out and work in the garden, but I can also make rain stop by coming inside. I’m now going back to the garage and put on my gloves and my gardening clogs and am going out and turn on the hose. That will mean we will get plenty of rain in the middle of the night.

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