I Forgot I Write a Blog

I was just about to go to bed and I realized I had not written my blog today. How could this happen? Todays blog will be the last one of my 12th year as tomorrow is my blog anniversary starting my 13th year of writing it everyday.

You would think a twelve year daily habit would actually be a habit, but even so I almost forgot. Perhaps the toll of a busy work week, or my punishing needlepoint push to make progress on this giant seat cushion is what caused me to up and forget to write.

When nothing too exciting happens it makes it hard to find a subject to write about. Not that nothing exciting has been happening, but I am just not allowed to report on some thing until I have been given the all clear.

Please excuse this lame post as I am down right exhausted, have no new recipes to report and no great photos. I will leave you with this photo from early morning at my “Raleigh class site”. I did have a great group of women this week and this was the calm before they all showed up to class to soak up the Mah Jongg Knowledge.

Happy Friday.

One Comment on “I Forgot I Write a Blog”

  1. beth says:

    so funny, I think this happens to all of us, a part of us just assumes it is already done ,as we are so used to it as part of a day’s routine. happy 13!

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