Dog Party

Shay is really getting the hang of this road trip thing. This morning she was up early and ready to get her harness on and get on the road. It helped that we were both very excited about getting to our destination. Our friends, Suzanne and Steve and their dog Esme are happily ensconced in a cute house in New Hampshire. Getting here was easy especially the last little way where Shay and I wound our way through some beautiful New Hampshire neighborhoods near the ocean. You know New Hampshire only has about a minute of ocean front so they make the most of it. I don’t know who divided up these states, but New Hampshire got ripped out of more beach.

Suzanne and Esme were here to welcome us and show us around the beautiful carriage house they are living in. It is right across the street from their new property they are going to build on, which is gorgeous.

Esme and Shay had met about five years ago when Esme came to North Carolina to go to Bald Head. Esme only goes to the best beaches. The two dogs got along great after all the initial sniffing was out of the way. Shay was the bigger sniff offender.

Steve and Suzanne took me to their favorite local place for dinner. Things are hopping around here and despite calling a few days ago to get a reservation we still had to go eat at 5:30. I might as well get used to being old.

We had a yummy dinner. The best thing was a starter of ricotta, tomatoes and peaches. The waiter described it as a burratta of ricotta. Not wanting to embarrass the waiter, I still had to ask if it was burratta or ricotta? He said it was ricotta. Not sure he knew what burratta actually was. The best thing about coming to visit Steve and Suzanne is we have been such good friends for our whole adult lives. We can talk deeply about important stuff and never worry what anyone means by anything. We always want the best for each other.

After dinner they drove me around to look at the beautiful houses. I am so excited that they have found this perfect place to live. I can see lots of visits here.

Shay and Esme did a good job holding down the fort. No big dog parties were thrown while we were gone. I think we can trust them together from now on.

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