The Third Day’s Drive

I woke up this morning with the sun, despite fully drawn shades. That Yankee summer sun is going to find you. I had slept so soundly in a most comfortable bed at Suzanne’s house, but it was too early to get up. So I did what I almost never can do, I rolled over and went back to sleep.

Eventually I got up and found Steve and Suzanne up drinking their coffee. We disclosed that we all had gotten today’s Wordle in four and then did a deep dive in the Wordle bot, a feature I had never looked at. Turned out my first word was a good choice. That’s just luck.

After Steve left for his office, Suzanne and I took the dogs out for a walk and to explore her new property and discuss plans for a house. The Little Boar neighborhood is glorious, with only one house that seems not to fit in as well as the others. Nothing a few sledgehammers to the statues couldn’t fix. There was not enough time to visit the gardens as we had run out of time.

We packed up my car and with a dog in each of our cars we were off to Kittery, Maine for lunch. Suzanne made our first stop Lil’s bakery so I could buy bread and a devilish cruller. I thought the crullers would be for dessert, but Suzanne had other ideas. After driving through all parts of Kittery we arrived at Bob’s Clam Hut. My first lobster Roll of the summer. (I will be keeping a running Talley of lobsters).

It was too short a visit and we parted ways at the clam hut, with a promise for a future visit. From there Shay and I were off for our last two and a half hours of our three day road trip. They were the longest hours of the week.

Since it is a summer Friday in Maine I drove the highway up state and crossed over to the mid coast. Not my favorite way, not the most scenic, but certainly the traffic was moving the fastest. I got to Warren’s at 3:30 where I found Russ sitting on the front porch, having just finished his last work call. Shay was thrilled to see him – her reward after such a long trip.

Warren was out working and didn’t make it home before we had to leave to come and get into our little rental for the next four weeks. As we were winding our way down to Owl’s head Russ told me he thought he flew right over our house as he was coming in on Cape Air this morning.

Sure enough, as soon as we came in our house a tiny plane flew over head, heading in for a landing. Thankfully there are only five flights a day.

We explored this tiny house with the best view of a tiny island. The temperature is perfect. The house has everything we could need and Shay has settled in nicely. I am not sure how I am going to get her in the car for the ride home. It won’t hold the same allure. Nothing can be more restorative than a month in Maine.

Total lobsters consumed: 1

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