Shay’s Big Road Trip

Shay is not a dog who usually travels. She mostly stays home with her friend Mary, but this summer is different. First she got to go to Pawleys Island for the big family reunion. Since her cousins Remley and Snickers were going she got to go too. That was a four hour each way road trip. It was good practice for this trip.

Shay has known something was up for the last few days as Russ and I were packing things. She has been slinking around, despondent that we were going away with out her. Yesterday we dropped Daddy off at the airport so she was a little less suspicious as she thought that was the trip.

Imagine her surprise as I told her to go get in the car early this morning. She put her harness on and was seatbelted into the back with her green bed. Wait, where are we going? Shay and I set off on the first leg of our drive to Maine. She had never been on an eight hour car ride before.

At first she was not so sure. So we stopped at the first rest stop in Virginia and she got to poop in a new state and she was happy. She learned how to sleep with her head on her bed and body on the seat.

We stopped at a Chick-fil-a in Fredericksburg and I got a salad and she got to eat half my chicken. Now this road trip thing is seeming kind of fun, I don’t usually get lunch.

We eventually arrived at Russ’ father’s house and Shay was like, these are my people. Russ’ brother Dave and wife Tasha came over for dinner with us all out on the patio. Shay was impressing them with how close to the house she stayed. Until she came up to Tasha who discovered Shay had rolled in some animal poop the length of her whole body. So we all got up from our dinner and gave Shay two baths with the hose and some old baby shampoo. So much for being an impressive dog guest.

Now she is settled into the twin bed with me. I hope we have a good night’s sleep because we have to get up early in the morning and do it all again when we drive to New Hampshire to stay with Suzanne. No more rolling in anything!

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