Memorial Day

Somehow it doesn’t seem right to say “Happy Memorial Day.” What is happy about all the soldiers who have been lost to war? They deserve remembrance and gratitude. No one is happy to lose their life even if it is in service to their country. I am certain that most soldiers would prefer to come home and celebrate a free country with their loved ones. Sadly, we have had to lose so many to have this free country.

I think today of Ukraine and all her citizens are going though in order to remain free. It seems unimaginable that wars still exist. That sending young people out to shoot at each other is the way to get what you want is lunacy.

Somehow I feel that if mother’s ran the world we would have a lot fewer wars. Maybe not Margaret Thatcher, but most mothers. If world leaders had to send their children to the front lines first do you think we would still have wars?

Growing up in the time of Vietnam I had a poster on my wall that said, “What if they gave a war and nobody came?” That is what I hope for this Memorial Day. No new young people to have to remember. War is never the answer.

One Comment on “Memorial Day”

  1. ellenpunderwood says:

    I agree. It’s our most somber of holidays. I went to Walmart today to shop, and it was depressing and silent — on a national holiday. I have no doubt this is related to the events of the past week. I shopped at 2 p.m., when you would expect a bustling crowd. Yes there was a crowd — just not the normal one. As Americans we need to take these holidays and observances more seriously. Returning to the meaning of the national holiday. War is not the answer. Neither is uncontrolled gun ownership or possession (which seems an appropriate statement for the past week). Yes, if women were in charge, things might be different.

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