Babies Are Coming

Apparently people were busy last year, because I have many baby quilts to make. I am happy that many happy couples did not give up on the world all together. I love making baby quilts. They don’t take forever to create and give me lots of creative outlet.

I make baby quilts that are meant to be dragged through the grass, have tea parties on and used to snuggle up in a car seat. I don’t make heirloom quality baby quilts. I want them loved and worn out so by the time the baby goes off to school the quilt is spent it was used so hard.

When Carter was born my childless college roommate gave me a “dry clean only” baby blanket. I think it is in the attic still in the box, never used as it was too special and precious.

So if you are having a baby and getting a quilt from me, please don’t consider it precious. Let your bundle of joy roll around on it and change their diaper on it if needed. It can be thrown in the wash and dryer. Your new baby can decide if it is a lovey.

One Comment on “Babies Are Coming”

  1. beth says:

    that’s a beauty and I love your attitude about it

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