No Assault Weapons At All

When Carter was little she had a friend whose family I knew hand gun in the house. I worried about kids finding a gun. Let’s face it, kids can find anything in their own house. So even if a gun was locked up the kid knew where the key was. So I would only ask that child to play at our house and not let Carter play at theirs. I worried bout kids bringing hand guns to school, but more about it being a show off issue and not one where they wanted to mow down a whole classroom. That still worries me.

Houses with hand guns are much more likely to have a child that is shot, than houses without one. Since I will never have a hand gun I felt like I was protecting my child the best way I could. Then the ban on Assault weapons expired in 2004. I should have started worrying then about semi-automatic long guns with high capacity clips.

I can see no use for assault weapons, except as weapons of war. Hunters don’t use, but school and grocery store shooters do.

I am tired of politicians trying to compromise with the gun rights side. I think we should make all assault weapons illegal. If you own one the government will buy it back from you. We shouldn’t manufacture them and sell them to individuals. If you are caught with one you get sent to jail. We can keep the second amendment and it only applies to non-automatic weapons like were available in the forefather’s time. I want back ground checks and no one under 21 can buy a gun. Most mass shootings have been done with an AR-15, why would we ever continue to sell or manufacture those or any gun like them ever again?

I still don’t like guns. I still think hand guns are more dangerous in the home than not having one, but I don’t think we are going to be a nation without guns. I just don’t see why any citizen needs an assault weapon.

Let’s at least get the most lethal weapons out of America. It’s time to stand up to big guns all together.

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