Ten British Actors – Maybe 12

It feels like every British TV show or Movie has many of the same actors. It’s as if there are only ten Brits and they can play any role no matter what. Yesterday I was working on a quilt, one of the many baby quilts I need to make this summer, so my TV was on. I tend to like to watch British anything because I can sew and listen at the same time. Seems dialogue is of the utmost importance in British shows and action is less important.

I turned on this movie called Operation Mincemeat, another unknown story of WWII. It stared my favorite, soft-hands Colin Firth, my friend. As I was sewing away I kept hearing familiar voices and I would look up to see an actor I had just watched in another show. Makes me wonder if there just aren’t that many British actors or if casting agents are just really lazy.

Well, my TV knows what I like and it went right on to another Colin movie I had never seen, Easy Virtue. once again proving my point that he stars in everything.

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