Making up for the Market

Yesterday was a crazy day. I cooked and cleaned all day as we were having Russ’ work leadership team for dinner. As a bonus his retired CFO Judy, was coming to spend the night with us as she had an appointment in Durham. It was a fun dinner and people stayed late until I told them it was a school night and they had to go back to their hotel.

Consequently Russ, the true introvert, passed out the second they all left. I, the off the scale extrovert, was up until 2 pm, trying to get to sleep. It didn’t help that I was having leg cramps in my left leg. After two hours of sleeping the cramps came back and I mistakenly woke Russ up at four when I got out of bed to drink more water to help my cramps. Then he was up.

All this is my explanation why I was so worthless today. After breakfast and visiting with Judy I ran some errands and met my friend Jan for lunch. We figured out we hadn’t seen each other in seven weeks, which is just crazy. I was so tired from lunch I went home and lay on the bed. I didn’t want to take a nap and get myself messed up for another bad night’s sleep. I didn’t want to see any news as the Stock market was diving. So I decided to play Mah Jongg online.

I played five games, reading email in between games. I won them all, even two singles and pairs hands. I thought, “Typical, I’m losing real money in the market, but I’m winning worthless points at Mah Jongg.” At least it made me feel like a winner.

For all my students you can see that you can win hard hands. You can see from the time in the upper left hand corner that I played those five games, bang, bang, bang in a row. I would rather have the market go up.

One Comment on “Making up for the Market”

  1. Jane Carter says:

     a heating pad helps leg cramps loads

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