Pub In Heaven

This would have been my Dad’s 84th birthday. It is the first one with him gone. In this day last year I called him to wish him a happy birthday. While we were on the phone I mentioned to him that he had missed my 60th birthday two weeks before. He said, “I have a lot of guilt about that.”

I knew then that things with him were really not good. He had never missed my birthday. And if he had realized it and actually had guilt he would have made it up in a big way. It was obvious that he had completely forgotten about my birthday. He was certainly not himself. Not that he would let on to anyone that he needed help. He was much to stubborn and proud to do that.

So happy heavenly birthday to Ed. I hope you are having a great time with all your pals and that heaven has a good pub, where you can sit in the garden and enjoy a pint.

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