Can’t Beat A Southern Hostess

When the club I had been teaching Mah Jongg at decided that classes were taking up too much space and time, thanks to their overwhelming popularity, I had to move to teaching at people’s homes. Thanks to so many wonderful and kind women, classes have continued seamlessly.

Today I had back to back classes. First at the Kelly’s beautiful home, where she had everything set up and ready to go early in the morning. Her sweet dog Jewel greeted me and made me happy to be teaching at her house.

I had a one hour break between classes so I moved all my equipment to Dell’s house for the next class. Dell had invited me to have lunch with her before class. Having lunch makes me a much nicer teacher.

When I got to Dell’s I was met by her sister Julie, who is also in the class. She told me Dell had to run to the oral surgeon for an x-ray, but Dell had made my lunch. This was totally unnecessary. She could have told me she needed to go and I could have grabbed something.

Julie showed me into my place for lunch. It was beautifully set with a placemat and napkins. A chef salad, pimento cheese and cracker, cookies and a drink. That kind of hospitality is more than I expected, deserved or needed, but it did not go unnoticed.

Dell eventually made class and said we would have lunch next week between my two classes. Southern women are just such thoughtful hostesses.

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