Still Working Nights

When I sold OPEX machines part of my job responsibility was to train the employees of buyers how to use the equipment. In the beginning most of my customers only worked day shifts so no big deal. Then I started to have more savvy customs who started running equipment on night shifts. Then I started having customers who ran three shifts.

It was not that hard to teach people how to use the small machine so training the night shift was a two hour job. But then Russ invented this monster machine, and it took days or nights to train people. If they ran three shifts I could work a twenty hour day easily. The price I paid for making the big bucks.

When I left OPEX I thought my life of ever having to work nights was over. I became a consultant so I often was flying at night so I could get into a clients and work all day. Flying at night is not as bad as training at night. Then I retired from that job. I thought I would not work nights ever again.

Now here I am teaching Mah Jongg at night. Tonight I taught in Ashboro, an hour and fifteen minutes from home. Teaching Mah Jongg is way more fun than training people to use an OPEX machine, but working nights is still work. I wonder if I will always say yes to work at nights? I could say no, but hate to disappoint people who have to work all day and can only learn Mah Jongg at night.

One Comment on “Still Working Nights”

  1. beth says:

    i worked nights and two jobs for years. i finally decided that my time was more valuable to me than the money and went to one job during the day. life is much calmer now.

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