Fenway Graduation for the Win

Thank god we don’t have another child because it would be hard to beat having their graduation any place but Fenway. Today was the nicest day of the year so far in Boston. Perfect for us parents in the stands, perhaps a little too hot for the graduates seated in the out field. You realize how big Fenway is when you seat close to 4,000 students and they are no where near second base. It took over an hour for them to all process in from three different portals.

The parents and guests did a good job of practically filling the stands. Considering that we sat there for a couple of hours before the show began everyone was very well behaved. The happiness quotient helped.

The speakers were excellent. President Aoun summed up what Northeastern is about by saying the experience transformed your learning. He encouraged kids to not have a set path because an unscripted life is full of opportunities. The student speaker encouraged her classmates to enjoy the little things NOW and not to wait.

The view from Carter’s seat

The keynote was Hamdi Ulukaya, the founder of Chiobani yogurt. He said he looked at other graduation speeches where they gave lists of ten pieces of advice. He started, first eat Chiobani Yogurt, second, be nice to your Mom. That was it, nothing else which pleased this mother so.

He went on with lots of other great advice like, “ You can ignore bad things or you can work to change them.” He said there is nothing more rewarding than showing up for others.

My favorite thing he said was, “Don’t turn away from things that make you uncomfortable. Comfortable people don’t do shit.”

He told the kids that despite some people calling them snow flakes, he knows that they are not. He said of this generation that they are survivors. He is certainly right given all that they have seen in their lives from 9/11, the crash of 2008, political turmoil, climate change, racial inequities, the global pandemic and the unwarranted war in Ukraine.

I was quite inspired by the kids today and the advice they got. I got a little teary. Thank goodness for this group of young people. Our world needs them.

After everything was over we streamed out of Fenway and miraculously reunited with Carter. The last of the official celebrations. We are thrilled and exhausted. Good job to her. Now go out and save the world.

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