Packing It In

Russ flew in bright and early this morning to join the festivities.he went straight to Carter’s and I walked over to school to meet them at the Explore event. It was so wonderful to meet the people Carter worked with for four years. I felt like I knew them already from the stories Carter has told. The Explore program is the best part of Carter’s college experience and I was thrilled with how much she grew from working at it.

I got a big hug from his friend Cameron, who I had never met, but he said he felt like he know me and I felt the same way about him. We walked through Campus meeting other friends as we did and went to Carter’s religious studies event, but her favorite professor was not there so we moved on.

Carter was getting her hair done so I walked up to beacon Hill to meet her and her best friend Estelle. After the hairdo we went to the Public garden to take some photos in her cap and gown. Actual just her gown since she just had her hair done. Thank goodness Estelle was there as stylist and photo aid.

After walking home I actually laid down to rest. My legs were still sore from my steps yesterday and today I only got 16,000. Russ and I went to meet Carter and Estelle at No. 9 Park for the big celebratory dinner. Now we are all dead. We have time to rest since the final actual graduation is tomorrow at five at Fenway. We will be walking there!

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