Today was my light day of Graduation celebrations, but somehow I packed too much in. Carter went to work first thing this morning leaving me at her apartment to pack up and make it look like I had never been there, or that a maid had been there. My college friends Suzanne and Sally were coming into town for a small reunion. I took Carter’s keys because I had trouble with her spare key.

We met at the Boston Public Library since we spend many hours discussing books. The old section of the library is about the most beautiful public building I have ever been in. As we wandered the rooms we found it hard to discuss all the important topics we had to cover. So when we got to the mural room, which had no books or people we perched on the benches and gabbed away. Feeling slightly sacrilegious for our mundane chatter in such a hallowed hall we decided to walk to the public gardens.

The late and cold spring meant that the greens were in full bloom now. The tulips were up, the fruit trees were blossoming and the trees were budded out in glorious green. There we perched again to continue our yakking on frivolous topics that brought us great pleasure.

We sauntered down Marlborough street to our lunch destination. Once there we dragged out lunch for a good two and a half hours. Still there were topics we had not yet touched on. We walked back to Carter’s apartment where Suzanne had left her car and picked up my suitcase and ran an important errand in Brookline. Suzanne dropped us off at my hotel and Sally walked to the train station to get home.

I changed my clothes and walked up the park strip of Commonwealth, back through the grande so to Beacon Hill to meet Carter and her friend Olivia for dinner at a lovely restaurant on Carter’s new street. It was a long, leisurely meal. The only real graduation celebration of the day. Exhausted, Carter and I Ubered home, with her dropping me first at my hotel.

As soon as I was in my room I stripped off my clothes and put on my night gown and my phone rang. Before I could answer it I realized that I had Carter’s house keys. It was Carter. We made a plan to meet somewhere not quite in the middle.

I had to go through the painful experience of putting my clothes, meaning my bra, back on. I walked towards Carter’s and she walked toward me and we made the hand off. I got back to the hotel and checked my step count for the first time today to discover I had walked over 27,000 steps today.

Tomorrow is our early day. I wonder if I will recover by then?

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