Graduation Extravaganza

We made our hotel reservations for Carter’s graduation a year in advance. Then she finished a semester early. There was no ceremony for December graduates so I was happy we had these reservations for the May festivities. After all that advance planning Carter called three months ago and said that her college of science graduation was the day before the day we made reservations for. She really wanted me to come so she invited me to stay with her since every hotel is booked.

Carter texted me this selfie from the parking garage, awaiting the processional

I am so glad I came. This was the ceremony where she got to walk across the stage and they read her name and shook her hand. The event was held in Mathew’s arena and Carter had to be in the parking garage at 4:30 to line up. I went over at 5:30 to sit in the audience. All the hard core parents who had lined up hours in advance had already staked their place in the bowl seats. They were dressed up and had signs and even a couple of noise makers.

I circled the arena and found the stairs to the balcony cheep seats. Score! I was able to get the front row of the balcony with leg room and an excellent view. I made friends with a women who worked at the psychology department who came to cheer for her work study student whose Parents had made the same reservations I had. (Seems like we should have been told about this ceremony a year in advance too.) Then a nice family with a daughter graduating, sat on the other side and we struck up a friendship too.

The procession started at six. We had been told the whole thing would go until 9:30, which seemed very long. Amazingly Carter saw me as she processed in and waved. She ended up sitting in a row right below me so my seat was perfect.

The speaker was a great woman named Dr. Shetty, who founded Ginko Bioworks. She encouraged the students not to pick a Job, but instead pick a problem and try and solve it, to live cheaply so you have freedom and chose a path of things that interest you. All great advice.

Then the Dean of the college of Science spoke and said, “There is no winner in life, just like there is no loser. Do something useful and laugh a lot.” Again a great message.

That was it for speeches. The giving out of the degrees took under two hours, but each student had a Slide with their photo, name, degree and a quote or words of thanks. It was very nice for such a big school.

My newly created posse in the front row of the balcony all cheered and screamed Carter’s name when she got her degree. It was no musical instruments, but nice to have a chorus when it was just me up there.

The whole thing ended by 8:30, a whole hour less than advertised. Thank goodness. Carter and I walked the very short walk to the Westland restaurant on her street. People on the street said congratulations as she was still wearing her regalia. It was a nice way to start the celebrations, of which there are many.

One Comment on “Graduation Extravaganza”

  1. Susan Ketch says:

    Carter deserves to be celebrated really hard! So proud of her hard word, her determination, and her beauty inside and out! What remarkable parents Carter has!

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