Damn Hand Maids

I’m furious with Margaret Atwood. If she had never written Hand Maids Tale many of these old white men politicians would not have gotten the idea that women can be put back in the fifteenth century. What the hell is going on. First the leak that the The Supreme Court has a draft out to repeal Roe, then Mitch McConnell announces that if Republicans take back the Senate they want to outlaw abortions in the whole country, now the Governor of Mississippi is considering ruling out other contraception. WTF?

Not wanting to have an abortion yourself is your decision. Deciding it for another human should not be your decision. Some religions believe life begins at conception, but not all religions. So now one religion gets to impose their religious beliefs on all others? What about those who have no religion? That is their right.

Things are getting out of hand fast. I know that many men have felt like everything that they controlled in the 1950’s has been taken away from them so if they can keep women barefoot and pregnant they might get back to being in charge of everything. I know it’s not all men and there are anti-choice women. But if women can’t have control of their reproductive rights something’s got to give. It probably should be sex with men. All that viagra and no place to put it.

Men can not have their cake and eat it to. No contraception, no access. Men really should stay out of the abortion fight all together and just let the women fight it out. No womb, no vote.

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