Feels like we have lost our traveling stamina after the two year pandemic break. Russ and I went to Chicago three weeks ago. Last weekend we went to the coast. This week we were in Boston. Used to be a normal schedule back in the good ‘ole days. Now we are wiped out.

Shay too is not used to this pace. She went to her sitters this week and when we were in Chicago. Last weekend she was with us, but the thing that all that had in common is she was with packs of dogs the whole time. Shay is definitely an dog-introvert. She is no pack animal. She likes to be the sole Princess. Have her people all to herself. Sleep where and when she likes it.

When we picked her up this afternoon she was wiped. The look she gave us was, “I am not leaving the house ever again.”

I am with her. I would like to have a little time off. Too bad it’s not going to happen like that. I am booked up to my eyeballs. At least I get to sleep in my own bed for a while. That is going to be what I do right now.

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