Tired Old Lady

I’m tired and late to be getting to my blog. We are at our friend’s house at the beach. They have a house of dogs so Shay gets to come. She is exhausted from being with four other dogs. She did fairly well going on the boat with all the dogs, but now she is hiding in our room fast asleep. She was mad that we left her with the pack for so long.

We went to dinner at a very fancy French restaurant tonight. When we arrived a server came up to us and asked, “Has anyone greeted you yet?” We said, “No,” expecting her to do it, but instead she said, “Let me see if I can get someone to greet you.”

In my cheeky way I replied, “You could greet us.”

She ignored my offer and left us standing at the door. Eventually an older woman came along and said Hello and brought us to our table.

Later in the meal a young man who appeared to be afraid to speak to customers dropped our plates on our table ran away. I was interested in getting some pepper so when he ran back by, I asked for some and as he was running away from me he said, “I’m the runner, ask your server.”

This French restaurant obviously had very clearly delineated lines of responsibility. “Not my job” should be the theme of their HR handbook. It is very French.

Our server was lovely and our dinner was excellent. I just wish that service in good restaurants was more professional. Today the best service I get is from Chick-fil-a. They could teach the French restaurant a thing or two. It is always their pleasure to serve you at Chick-fil-a, regardless of their actual job.

I have definitely turned into an old lady now. Perhaps I am just tired and need a good nights sleep.

One Comment on “Tired Old Lady”

  1. Gussy says:

    Hi! I love this particular blog because I can SO relate to knowing your dog so well, and being oddly treated by wait staff. I thought David Sadaris and I were the only people who found this confusing.
    When you are feeling old, just think about poor, old Gussy is still kickin it.

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