Covid Immunity Report

Seems like Covid is increasing here in Durham. I know a few people who have gotten it recently. The good news is they don’t seem to be terribly sick. Everyone in my house had it at the same time over Christmas. We laid low and got over it. I was having blood work a couple weeks ago and my doctor threw in two antibody tests just for fun.

Four months after contracting Covid I thought I might be able to contract Covid again if I wasn’t careful. Turns out that my antibodies were still going strong. There were two tests. One for antibodies to the big round circle of SARS Covid 2 and one for the Spike part of it. For the semi-Quant the reference interval, meaning you are negative for the antibodies is <0.8, my reading was >2500.00, meaning I was at the top of the testing range and they couldn’t see exactly how many I had because they had to stop counting.

For the spike semi-quant IgG the reference Interval is negative at <13.0 and I was >800.00. Again at the top of the counting range.

It will be interesting to get tested again in a few months to see what happens to my immunity. I had my booster before I got Covid and have not had a second booster yet since my immunity is so high. I am very interested in seeing what my numbers do. I am documenting it here in my blog so I can find the information easily in the future. Lord knows how long we might be tracking this thing.

I tell you all this to say that if you don’t have many co-morbidities, and can survive the infection you may be protected for a while. I am not a Medical person, I have no expertise, I am just sharing my experience.

To my friends who are currently sick, I am sending you good wishes for a quick recovery and lots of antibody building.

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