Despair over What Might Become of Roe

I am more than distressed about the impending Supreme Court’s decision overturning Roe. As I have always said, if you don’t like abortion no one is forcing you to have one. But there are many cases where terminating a pregnancy is the life saving measure. Consider this tue story, I won’t tell you who the person is, but I can vouch for it’s authenticity.

A mother, with multiple children under ten, developed a life threatening condition that required a major operation. When she went into the hospital to have the life saving surgery the Doctor discovered she was pregnant. There were two choices, keep the pregnancy, and not do the operation, which would mostly like mean neither the mother nor the fetus would survive, or abort the fetus and have the life saving operation so that the mother could live to care for her already existing children.

The second option was the one the doctor and the patient agreed on. It was a medical decision between the two of them. No government intervention, as the government has no business in that situation. If Roe is overturned there are already many states who would make that situation against the law.

What has happened to this country that so many people think that they should have a say in a woman’s medical decisions? I notice no one is up in arms about legislating men’s medical decisions. What if we said that only men who are actively trying to conceive a baby, with their legal wife, can get a prescription for Viagra. Viagra is one of the most prescribed medications in America. In order to prevent potential abortions we should have say in who can take it. Perhaps we should have a local board of your neighbors who decides who can get Viagra. We certainly don’t want men who might impregnate women who don’t want a baby to have a leg up, so to speak.

I’m not meaning to be flip about this for it is a very serious situation. But it feels like all the legislation hurts women and men are off the hook. Well, you men who are against Roe, I suggest you keep everything zipped up. Child support is a big kick in the wallet. Be careful what you wish for. The law of unintended consequences is more powerful than you think.

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