Birthdays in the realm of the digital are way better than in the analog world.  The only problem is one is so inundated all day with kind and heartfelt messages from friends, near and far, and even some people you hardly know, that you hardly have time to do anything else on your birthday.  I am not complaining.  Thanks to all you friends who made my day special.

Besides the digital well wishers I had a very fun in person day.  Lunch with some friends at the Wadu, my favorite outdoor special lunch spot.  I have to say the Food and beverage manager really came through, providing the regular menu and not the graduation week menu and we all had the chopped salad.  He even gifted me mine!  Thanks, James Holcomb.  

I came home to a giant floral display on my front porch – Three beautiful arrangements.  It took an effort to get them all in the house.  I opened the cards on each and all three were from my sister Janet!  Way over the top Sista J! One would have been spectacular, but 3!  I called to ask her if she had just given the florist such a big budget that they had to break it into three arrangement.  She said she wanted me to have flowers in multiple rooms.  I am just going to say I’m sorry you all don’t have her as your sister, because I am winning the best sister contest.

Another friend, Laurie, left me a present in the garden.  A potato growing bag, planted with Yukon gold potatoes.  I’ve never grown potatoes before and am looking forward to this adventure.  You grow them in the bag! Who knew?

A big deal happened because Russ came home early from work.  Now that he has gone back to work in the office I miss having him around.  He gave me a gift he sneakily bought in Chicago without my knowing.  I was very unsuspecting.  Carter called and we celebrated.  She gave me the best gift yesterday, tickets for us to see Funny Girl in NYC with her.  I love experiences best of all.

My mom called and both Mom and my father-in-law gave me needlepoint so I am set.  I could hardly ask for a better birthday.  I was sorry that a few friends were sick and I wish them a fast recovery.  

It was a fantastic birthday. Needless to say I ignored all news today so I could have a good day. And it was, thanks to you!

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