Dog Parade

The best thing about visiting our friends Lane and Jon is the constant and ever changing dog parade. They have four rescues that add up to about a Shay and a half. Shay likes these friends, but they do tire her out quite a bit.

When I tell you what we did today you will understand how much life around here revolves around dogs. When we eventually got dressed we went on a walk that resembled a parade, five dogs walking four humans through the woods looking for owls. No owls were found, but the dogs did have fans.

Then after lunch we went for a ride on the boat. Four dogs rode mostly on the bow, regardless of the speed. Shay rode in her Daddy’s lap as she was the only dog who did not pass the swim test and needed to wear a life preserver. It was a good accessory as it gave us a handle to lift her on and off the boat with.

After a wild ride it was time for a beauty pageant photo shoot. Petunia, the one with the snaggle tooth and two different color eyes does not like to look at the camera as she views it as soul stealing. She would always win miss congeniality.

I am uncertain who is more tired, but I know that Shay will sleep well tonight. All this dog extroversion is hard.

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