The Card’s The Proof

Today at church our minister for youth and families, Alex, talked about plans he was making for the summer. Go to the beach, pick blueberries, become a saint. Nothing special, normal summer stuff.

Alex is not someone with a grandiose personality disorder. He was encouraging the whole congregation to become saints. Nothing big.

As I left church I spoke to Alex. “I grew up in the era of business cards,” I told him. “If you got a business card with a title, then you basically were whatever the title said you were.”

Alex liked this short cut. Sainthood via printing. So I mocked up a little card. No phone number or email needed. If you are a saint then you have a direct line where ever you need to go.

I encourage you all need to go get cards for whatever you dream you want to be. Think big. Jeez, Alex started with Saint. Carter made me cards as a Christmas present and gave me the title Mah Jongg Sage. It was big. Now I am a Mah Jongg Sage. I have the cards to prove it.

Go on. As the ad used to say, “Be all you can be.” It only takes the cost of a card.

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