Coronation Day

My very Anglophile stitching group celebrated Coronation Day with a breakfast get together that was fit for only the toniest royals. Kathi did not disappoint with decorations and flowers that Charles would have appreciated. Since he was busy at the actual coronation Kathi had his stand in at the ready.

We had the most lovely tea service for which Kathi is famous for. You could visit with her everyday for a month and never drink the same tea twice. I made an egg dish, Michelle baked yummy perfect scones and brought short bread directly from London, Nancy provided clotted cream and strawberry jam, Kathi whipped up her mother’s almond laced whipped cream with perfect strawberries and Karen made coronation chicken salad tea sandwiches. It was a feast.

We enjoyed our breakfast and then our lunch as we watched the BBC’s coverage of the big day, which Steve had taped for us. I was most impressed with tori MP Penny Mourdaunt who carried the sword through most of the ceremony. It never appeared to waiver or drop. I can’t imagine how tired her arms are tonight.

No matter how you feel about the royal family it was an impressive display of pageantry for which there are no equals to the Brits. True to our stitching group, Karen brought us each a commemorative tin of Fortnum and Mason coronation tea and and Nancy gave us each a Fortnum and Mason Coronation tea towel. I will treasure these mementos of this glorious celebration with such sweet friends. God Save the King.

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