Home Again

The best thing I did before we left for Maine was thoroughly clean the house. I changed all the sheets, did all the laundry, scrubbed the kitchen. This made coming home from a month away a pleasure.

After a seventeen hour drive, split over two days I would have hated to come home to a mess. Instead I had the rest of my recovered living room chairs brought back and my dining room valances installed thanks to my friend and best decorator ever, Lane so the house looks finished.

It also helped not to come home to the mail since It is held until Monday. Before I left on the trip I did not know if I was coming straight home or who would drive with me. Of course I knew I had Shay, but Russ came with me which made it a much more fun drive. It was mostly fun for Shay because she and Russ sat limo style in the back while I was the chauffeur. We listened to podcasts to help pass the time.

Driving in September when kids are back in school is so much easier. It also helped that the HOV lanes south of Washington were going in our direction when we got there so we gladly paid to drive a good distance without much traffic. In fact the only traffic we encountered all the way from Maine was the twenty miles north of Fredericksburg, VA. Who know why this is always so bad, but it is.

For now I am not going to unpack anything, but just get reacquainted with our big bed and our room darkening shades. A few more hours of pretending I am still on vacation won’t hurt.

2 Comments on “Home Again”

  1. beth says:

    nothing like coming home to a clean house!

  2. Judy says:

    Dana, I read all your Maine blogs – actually I read all of your blogs – amazed at the scenery, with a watering mouth at each lobster report and with much thankfulness for the recommendations your friend Warren gave us when we visited last year. Your home updates look marvelous – Judy

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