Life Changing Sunrise

I didn’t sleep well last night. Being our last night in Maine I was restless thinking about all I had to do to leave, and leave early we needed to do. Russ had a big day today, with zoom board meeting so he moved beds sometime in the night and did his usual working in the middle of the night routine.

I awoke alone before the light. I pushed up the blinds so I could watch the sunrise in all its glorious splendor. The best part of our house is the view from the bedroom as the sun comes up.

So I started documenting the different phases of the sunrise. At first it is just light that seeps into the dark blue sky, like a yellow ribbon wrapping the horizon. The land is still dark and the water was calm as the clouds hung like dark drapes in the sky. There is no sun yet, just light.

Then the yellow ribbon turns to orange, reflecting some of it’s light onto the water.

As the orange ribbon widens slightly the sky starts to turn a lighter shade of blue and the clouds turn from dark grey to cornflower.

Suddenly the clouds are awash in pink, orange and purple with their own drama going on in the sky, yet there is still no sun, just light.

After the best show you have ever seen the loud music starts to calm down a bit just as a tiny sliver of the sun breaks over the horizon.

As the sun begins it’s staring role the clouds retreat into a purple chorus, their pink and orange solo completed.

The orange ribbon widens to move of a tangerine as the sun is halfway up.

And then as she rises to a full ball her light is now effected on the water like a magic carpet leading your eye to her.

And then the show is over. The day has begun and you would never know the opera of the sunrise if you didn’t see it.

I realized that so much can happen in one hour. Once you witness all that the sun can do and change at a sunrise it makes me feel like I shouldn’t waste an hour. The difference in that one hour was life changing.

3 Comments on “Life Changing Sunrise”

  1. beth says:

    what a beautiful show

  2. Carol says:

    What a beautiful name “Opera of the Sunrise” Didn’t know your hidden musical abilities with words! Thanks for sharing. Have a safe journey home.e

    Carol Walker🎶🌻🎶

  3. Walker Wilson says:

    These pictures are beautiful!!!

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