The Last Hurrah

One would think that four weeks in one devastatingly beautiful place, with all the comforts of home would be more than enough. It wasn’t. As I packed up all our stuff and cleaned the kitchen I was already missing our much easier life here in Maine.

To thoroughly enjoy our last day we walked the Breakwater. Shay would here nothing about being left home so we took her, unsure if it would be too hard for her. It wasn’t. She only lost footing one short second, and never fell through the cracks in the stones. It was a windy, but bright and sunny day and she motored on past dogs who heeded to be carried, having given up a mile into the walk.

There is no giving up on the breakwater. You walk more than a mile out to the light house and the only way back is to walk more than a mile back. I am sorry we didn’t take Shay sooner. Next year.

I am going to miss watching sail boats and lobster boats pass each other in front of our house. The different colors the sea takes on from grey green to diamond sparkling white as the sun reflects on the wind blown sea, to the dead calm blue have been our TV. The birds have been our ballet. The quiet has been relaxing, except for the fun sound of small planes landing at the Owl’s Head strip. Russ has taken to following flight tracker to guess who is possibly flying in from Bentonville, AR or Detroit, MI.

Tonight at dinner Russ said that this has been very restorative for him, even if he did work everyday. The chance to walk to the point everyday is so much better than walking on a tread mill.

I am going to miss waking in our bed with its huge picture window looking at the water reading a novel instead of watching the morning news. I hope that this is a new tradition.

Lobster’s eaten:19 (had one for dinner last night.)

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