Not Cool Enough Yet

We slept with the windows open most nights, but some nights we had two or three blankets on our bed. Eventually we even had to close the windows and have two blankets. It was crisp and refreshing to walk into the bathroom in the morning with a sweet breeze blowing the curtains open, just to go back and snuggle in bed afterward.

We purposely picked August and September to go to Maine to leave the dumpster dive of southern summertime. Maine was glorious. We had a house without air conditioning, but fans in all the rooms. We used the fans maybe four or five days in the four weeks we were there.

Shay says these Maine Rocks are not hot like our driveway at home

We thought we would miss the hellish nineties back home. Certainly by September 18 we should have bearable weather.

Last night Russ and I both woke up in the middle of the night because we were too hot, and the air conditioning was on. Today was not too hot, but we still mentioned to each other that we recognized the humidity level. Well, today was apparently a good day. Heat is returning in earnest here in Durham and it is supposed to be in the nineties for the next couple of days.

Thank goodness I don’t subscribe to no white after Labor Day. I may be wearing a white cotton dress tomorrow. I guess we didn’t stay in Maine long enough. Next year it might have to be Halloween, but then I will have to bring a down coat to Maine.

One Comment on “Not Cool Enough Yet”

  1. ellenpunderwood says:

    It sounds like a wonderful trip. I do hope you are able to go back for longer in the future. It is so hard to return home after being in such lovely weather. It seemed, even Shay liked it!

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