Shay: No Scary Water, Yes Lobster Grilled Cheese

Russ actually did not work today. I write that and I am unsure if it is true. He was up at 5:30 and could have been working, but not for long as I was up at 5:40. The sunrise is powerful here, even with the blinds. I have not slept past 6:00 most days.

Today we had a big trip to Acadia. We took Shay to see the sites. She did not like sitting in the back of the car alone when Russ was driving. She thought she she be on his lap, which was not allowed. We went to Southwest Harbor to look at a house Russ had wanted us to rent when he first came up with this plan to come to Maine for a month. I vetoed that house on the basis that it was too fancy, too big and too expensive. We had no trouble finding it and Russ agreed that the house we got was a much better fit.

Southwest Harbor is a sweet place, but I like the mid coast much better than Penobscot Bay. There are too many tourists around Acadia and too many campers. Not that we didn’t have a great time visiting. We went to Bass Harbour Head Light Station and Shay enjoyed the walk. On the way we stopped on the Seawall road and thanks to the full moon and a high tide that water was putting on quite a show hitting the rocks. Shay did not like any of that. The sound of water is very scary for her as well as the rocks being difficult for her to walk on.

After that we drove around to the fishing village of Bernard and considered our options for lunch. Which Lobster shack should we choose. The screened in one over looking the harbour in Bernard seemed too crowded for Shay so we doubled back to Archie’s Lobster which was a food truck with a bunch of tables on pavement over looking the harbour. It seemed like the worst choice. Turns out to have been a hidden gem Russ had read about, but didn’t know this was the place.

Archie’s has a lobster grilled cheese that you dip into Lobster bisque. This very well may be the winner of best lobster anything we have had this summer. The grilled cheese had cheddar and pepper jack cheese, which gave the lobster a hint of zing. Shay thought it was a big winner too. Full of goodness we eventually wandered our way home.

I stoped in Camden to run the car through a car wash and Shay objected to that water event also. I guess she would have been OK with it if I had a lobster grilled cheese to give her during the car wash.

Lobster Count:18

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