Misfit Dinner, and I Don’t Mean the Guest

When you rent a house for four weeks you end up stocking the fridge. So for the first three weeks we bought whatever we wanted and cooked or went out. Now here we are in week four. I open the fridge and look around the kitchen and think, “I’ve got to use these things up.”

Tonight our friend Warren was coming for dinner. Looking in the fridge I had lots of different kinds of cheese, some really good tomato sauce from a fancy gourmet store in Rockport, mushrooms from the Belfast farmers market I forgot about and some various veggies. What can I make? Pizza! That was a good plan, but it barley made a dent in the cheese or sauce. We did use up all the beautiful mushrooms.

For dessert I had five tiny apples from Beth’s Market. At first I thought a crumble, but somehow that morphed into a rice pudding with apples. I had Arborio rice, milk, sugar and egg so it was enough of the makings for rice pudding. Thankfully the house also came stocked with vanilla and cinnamon. I cooked up the apples with some lemon and cinnamon which were the perfect tart treat with a dollop of sweet rice pudding. Now we have too much rice pudding left over. Maybe Russ will have it for breakfast.

Warren came for dinner and we had a little editing job to do on something he had written, then we had our dinner made from the misfits. It was all good, but I am worried how the week is going to go with a partial cabbage, a butternut squash, one tomato, some kale and two leftover fish tacos. I’m not sure Warren would want to come back for another clean out the fridge meal. Oh I do have some sweet pickle relish and two kinds of mustard and some yankee version of jalapeño pimento cheese. Even a chopped basket would be easier than this set up.

Fiddle-dee-dee. I will just have to think about that tomorrow.

One Comment on “Misfit Dinner, and I Don’t Mean the Guest”

  1. beth says:

    I love these kind of dinners, it takes an open mind and great imagination to create new combos. there used to be a show, where the hosts would drop by your house and help you to create a meal out of whatever you had in your pantry and fridge, it was brilliant. )

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