Maine Time

After three weeks, with visitors and places to go, Russ and and I are alone and I have settled into Maine time. Maine time means I spend a good portion of daylight hours watching boats and birds. I have come to identify lobster boats by their buoys and sail boats by their length. Twice I have seen a bald eagle fly by my second story window, but being on Maine time means I don’t have a phone near by to catch a photo of her.

If I have one thing to do a day it is an event. Yesterday I met my friend Jamie for lunch in Lincolnville. Maine time means I took a photo of my lunch and not of Jamie. The lack of photo does not indicate the quality of time we had together. Since we both went to high school and college together we have a breadth of overlap that we pick right up on even though our visits are few and far between. I promised next summer to see her more and with some of our Walker’s friends who come to visit.

Maine time means that today’s outing, a badly needed pedicure, had me choosing a green polish in honor of the pine tree state. I never had anything like green toes before.

Meals are not planned, but gathered from the choices picked up at road size stand awaiting in the fridge, making combinations interesting as we need to eat up what we have.

Lobster counts have been kept, but not reported for days. As they are a family count I need to add five lobsters to the total for the last few days. Maine time means we are now craving chicken, since we have only eaten fish for the last few weeks.

Snuggling with Shay is a full time job along with opening and closing the deck door depending on her whim. That whim changes every five minutes.

Sadly I have finished my puzzle, which mysteriously was missing three blue pieces by the time I was done. I won’t have time to do another as I am so deep into Maine time my productivity has dwindled to near nothing.

Maine time means no TV or News so when Carter texted me about the queen I was hours late to begin the mourning. The quiet of our house is addictive, with only bird calls as song.

The sweetness of a month in Maine is not lost on me. It is the rejuvenation of the soul and the calming of the brain. Oh I love Maine time.

Lobsters Eaten: 15

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