24 Hour Visit

When I was little one of my favorite books was Mike Mulligan and his steam shovel. Now that I am old I’m much less enamored with Steam shovels. I was awoken early this morning by this loud noise. The barge of rocks had been moved closer to the shore since it was high tide. The Steam shovel, ie: the crane, was up and running off loading rocks and large cement beams into the water where it looks like they are building a rock pier.

The barge was out of our view at least, but now we had noise, where there had once been pristine nature only sounds. I was waiting for Suzanne and her youngest Oliver to come today for a quick 24 hour visit and I wanted it to be lovely for them. Thankfully the tide dictated everything and as soon as the tide started to go out the barge packed up and the tug boat pulled it away. I am certain that it is just refilling with more boulders and will be back. Thankfully by the time Suzanne got here the view and the quiet were back to normal.

Since their visit is so short I wanted to give Suzanne and Oliver the highlight tour. We went immediately to eat a late lunch at Claws, the best food anywhere, even if it is a road side shack. I had my third lobster roll of the trip and by far the best. (I am keeping track of how many lobsters Russ and I eat this month, so my total of for both of us. Of course I have had three and he has had one.)

It was a good time to catch up with Oliver, who I think of as one of my own. As he is going into his third year at Brown it makes my heart happy that he wants to come and visit this old lady.

After lunch we had some shopping to do. I was looking for a special cheese, which no one in town seemed to have. Then we went to the olive oil and Vinegar store. It seems that in Maine you can only buy one kind of thing in one kind of store. While walking to the olive oil store we stopped into Bruce Gamage’s antique store. I reintroduced myself to him since I had bought Russ’ tall case clock from him. He was so welcoming and We all looked around at his antiques. It’s such a shame that people aren’t interested in “brown” furniture these days. It is so much more beautiful and better made than new stuff.

We tasted olive oils at the next store and Suzanne got a big laugh out of my face when I tasted ones I did not like, it was amazing how many that was. I finally settled on a lemon one and then we turned to vinegar. The one we loved the most was a special Maine wild blueberry Balsamic the store had produced in Italy. It was so yummy Suzanne and I both bought big bottles and we had it on our dessert tonight.

Our last stop after going to a second cheese store, was the fish market. We got freshly caught haddock from the sea of Maine. Can’t get more local than that as it is the sea of Maine that we look at outside our house.

Back to the house after spending a lot of time yaking, we made dinner of the haddock, baked in the oven with a little olive oil, Lemmon juice, salt, pepper and fresh sour dough bread crumbs that were on the large size since I had to cut them up myself and some fresh Parmesan. It was pure yumminess.

It was a long drive for Suzanne and Oliver to come up for a day, but when we are just three hours apart me must be together. Sadly she is leaving for a big trip and this day was the last chance we had to see each other. At least we have half of tomorrow.

Lobster total: four

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