Maine Monday

Even though we are on vacation Russ worked all day. That meant I had to entertain myself. It was not hard. I had a leisurely breakfast looking out on the fog covering the water. Since we were having our friend Warren for dinner I made my shopping list of the last minute items.

While Russ sat at his little desk in our room in front of the window also looking at the fog, I decided I should make some headway on the Maine puzzle Karen gave me. Yesterday I had sorted the pieces so today I worked on the outline and some of the words, in other words, the easiest parts. When my butt got tired of sitting on a hard yankee chair I decided it was time to go do the shopping.

We needed an additional pillowcase, which proved the hardest thing to find. Apparently kids going to college have already bought all the pillowcases. I finally found a set of two that had the word “sleep” embroidered on them. Who cares, I took them.

I then went to the pet store to discover they don’t carry Shay’s special food. I guess I will have to use Chewy. Then to one grocery store and then the health food co-op. I was looking for a Maine farmer cheese that I read about, but could only find one of the varieties I was looking for. I think I will make a visit to this farm later in the trip.

I got home in time to see the fog lift and our view to take a big change. This morning I noticed that there was a back hoe out on the rocks about six houses down from us. They seemed to be moving boulders around. This afternoon a tug boat was pulling a barge with a big crane and a lot of big rocks down the harbor and turned into our cove. The barge drove those big iron poles down into the water to stabilize it and the tug drove up beside the barge and attached itself to the side. The crane then lifted a small John boat off its deck and dropped it in the water. All the men on the tug and the barge got in the small boat and rode off.

After the tug got the barge in place it pulled itself over to the barge and unhooked and drove around the side

This was a lot of excitement. The people in the next two houses to us all came out to watch the goings on. Evelyn, next door said the people down the way were doing rock work. I hope it doesn’t take a month as this barge has totally changed our view, although the whole thing is interesting.

After that excitement I went to working cooking. When I was half way through I realized I had forgotten to eat lunch. This is a never before experience. Perhaps being in Maine is very good for me. I decided to just wait until dinner to eat.

Warren arrived at 5:30 and we got in a good visit before Russ finished working at 6:30. Warren was giving me his list of all the places we needed to visit while we are here. I think we need to stay two or three months to complete his list. I put the dinner on the table, chicken tacos, with homemade pico, guacamole, marinated cabbage, cheese, black beans and sour cream, as well as Mexican street corn on the cob. It was a little adventurous for Warren who is a plain food lover, but he said he liked it.

Warren brought a wild blueberry pie and vanilla ice cream. It was delicious. My next guests are going to be thrilled that we have so much pie left over.

Tomorrow my next guests arrive. I don’t think I am going to have time for a vacation nap for the next few days.

One Comment on “Maine Monday”

  1. beth says:

    sounds busy but wonderful and what a great meal

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