Med Nightmare

The biggest pain about going away for a long while is trying to get all my prescriptions filled. Today was an extraordinary mess.

Monday my Doctor changed two of my dosages. She then called in my prescriptions. I went to my Pharmacy and they had not listened to their messages from the day before and therefore did not have my prescriptions.

When they did listen the pharmacist said the doctor had only called in the two she had changed and not the two that just needed filling. Another call to the dr. The pharmacy said they would be ready at three.

As soon as I left the store the pharmacy computer system went down. I did not know this. The pharmacy had no way to let me know, my phone number was in the system.

I went back at four expecting to get all my meds. Nope. The pharmacist said that she would fax my prescriptions to another store and they would be readily in 30 minutes.

I know pharmacies. Nothing is ready in 30 minutes. I waited an hour. I went to the new place. They still did not have my meds ready. The pharmacist said that since they just filled one of the scripts he was not going to fill that one. I told him my dosage had changed. He said I had enough. I waited 20 minutes and left with the three meds.

At home I organized all my meds into those old person pill containers. Turns out that Pharmacist was wrong. I did not have enough of that script he did not fill. I called back. They said it would be a problem with my insurance. I asked them to call and tell my insurance I was going on vacation. It was not an issue, except I had to drive all the way back to that store, which is much further from my house.

In total I spent four hours today just trying to make sure I had my medicine for my whole trip. Then the supplement I ordered from Amazon, which was supposed to arrive today did not. Amazon sent a message saying it was delayed. So I canceled that. I can get it in Maine. Managing medication should not be a full time job.

One Comment on “Med Nightmare”

  1. beth says:

    that is crazy that the whole process is so crazy. have a great trip –

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