My Ring camera alerted me that there was a young man on my front porch. He didn’t ring the bell, but it looked like he left something on my rocking chair. I went down to the front door, but he was gone. What was left were two beautifully wrapped gifts, tied up with a magazine-worthy green satin bow.

I recognized the bowmanship immediately. It was a surprise from my friend Karen, the best gift-giver and gift-wrapper I know. I carried the presents inside and opened the card. It was all about MAINE! My friends know my love of Maine and my impending trip. The first package were two of Karen’s needlepoint canvases. Both Maine themed, a lobster waders and a lobster LL Bean Bag- so cute! The name of her needlepoint business is Tout Le Monde and her canvases are available at Chapel Hill Needlepoint and all the best Needlepoint Store across the country.

I will be kitting these canvases out and will certainly try and finish them in Maine, along with the Nantucket Basket Pocketbook I am stitching now.

The second gift is a fabulous 1000 piece puzzle that is of a cover of Gourmet Magazine (rest in peace) with a lobster and lobster pot! I had been looking at all my puzzles trying to figure out which one to take since there is nothing better to do on vacation than a puzzle. Well, Karen answered that question in spades.

How thoughtful and generous to celebrate my vacation with the most perfect gifts. I hope that when I grow up I can be as kind as Karen.

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