Last Dance

The ocean was perfect today. The water was cooler than it had been, making it feel refreshing. The jelly fish were someplace else. The waves were not so thunderous so you did not get thrown to the ocean floor. The temperature on the beach was warm, but not blistering. The breeze was not a land breeze, so it was sweet and pleasant. It was the perfect last day.

I enjoyed one last really good swim. I only had to save one small boy, who got in over his head. Thankfully there was no undertow and I got him to the sandbar easily. I have no idea where his parents were as there were just a few people on the beach. His two “older” sisters, maybe a nine and ten year olds, thanked me for saving him. I suggested they not swim any deeper and kept my eye on them while I swam.

Mary and I got lots of Mah Jongg practice in before we had to start packing things up in preparation for our early morning departure tomorrow. It was already getting to be a little sad that our beach week together was coming to an end. These small branches our our large family tree have never spent this much fun time together.

It was especially nice to get to know grown children who have turned into delightful adults. We are so sorry Carter was not with us and have promised to bring her on the next trip we will certainly have thanks to Meredith who is our official travel planner.

Tonight was our farewell dinner. Everyone who is still here all showed up. It was bittersweet to say goodbye. I love this extended family.

One Comment on “Last Dance”

  1. beth says:

    Sounds absolutely wonderful- you have the important things in order

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