For the most part the members of my very extended family have a few traits in common. Most of us love games and we are also very demanding when it comes to customer service. I can remember going to a fancy ladies store with my grandmother, Granettes, and when she was somewhat ignored standing at the front counter, she pounded her foot on the floor and bellowed, “who’s going to wait on me.” That was a very Michie way of acting.

Tonight we all gathered at one house to play some games. I continued my Mah Jongg lessons with the faithful and my cousin Mary won again, setting herself up to be a future shark player. The rest of the family was in another room playing poker. I heard from the young ones that my Sister Margaret cleaned up. I love that since she was always the least interested game player in my family.

After gaming we had no specific dinner plans. This was an oversight on all our parts. Since it is high season here, getting into any restaurant, especially with a group was impossible. We decided we could just go for Pizza and we picked the highest rated place called Rosie’s. Since it has only been open 8 months and four days none of us had ever been there before.

The place had plenty of room for us and we had possibly the best service any of us has had since we arrived, the manager and another waiter took care of us, never letting a glass get empty. We felt like we hit the jackpot as we are all so demanding.

Russ tricked everyone by paying the bill secretly, which was so like him. My mother complimented him on being the only person on earth who ever paid the bill before my father had a chance to do it.

We have one last day of our MichiePalloza and I have to say it has been a most successful family reunion, right down to the unplanned meals.

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