What’s in the Washer?

I have a new rule. Make sure you don’t wait to do your laundry until the last minute. The reason? You might not be able to use your washer because there is a snake in it.

I came home from a meeting today and as I was approaching the washer, which thankfully is in my garage, I noticed this thick black cable reaching from the light switch to the open washer. Wondering what this black cable was I noticed it start to move as I got closer to it. That was when I realized it was a black snake.

It slithered into my washer and I shut the lid. I looked down into the glass lid and there was no snake in the basket. It had slithered into the inner working of the washer.

I came in the house and called NC Snake Catchers. Amazingly a guy was at my house within 45 minutes. Sadly he could not get the snake. He put an egg in a plastic dish inside the washer, hoping the snake would come out to eat. Right now I am waiting for his coworker to come and bring me a snake trap. Please god let this snake get caught in the trap tonight.

I like black snakes because they eat rodents and I hate rodents more, but I really don’t want this snake living in my washer. How would I ever know if he was still in there?

So for tonight I will not be doing any laundry. You know these things only happen when Russ is away.

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