The Rush

Some time in the mid 90’s had had the best job I will ever have. I was in charge of a advertising program for a large British company that gave away trips of a life time to a winner. The winner, chosen randomly was given a trip for themselves and 29 of their friends and family to an exotic location. On the trip we made commercials of the winners. I got to pick the locations, plan the trips, go on the trips and the very best part of the job, was I got to go to a radio station and call the winners and inform them that they had been chosen. I got to do this 12 times.

What a rush it was to call someone up and tell them they won a huge prize. The second best part was going to meet the winners the day after I called them to see them in person and explain all that they had won. One woman said, “I didn’t believe it at first, but then knew it had to be true because you are American.” I never thought that giving away a big prize was such an American thing.

Today I had a job that was similar in that I got that wonderful feeling when telling someone they have won. I am part of an organization which annually honors one deserving person who has given tirelessly to the organization. I am chair of the committee that chooses the winner and after meeting to discuss all the potential awardees we vote on who it shall be given to.

After the meeting I called the unsuspecting winner and told him of the award, which will be officially be made at a big ceremony in their honor. The winner, humbly did not think they were worthy, which is typical of the winner, who is more than deserving.

Making that call makes my day. There is nothing I love more than telling someone they are valued and recognized. It makes me want to do it everyday. I hope that everyone I know gets that privilege to honor someone else. It’s a rush I can’t match in any other way.

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