The Fifth Floor

I woke up early this morning to see if I caught a snake in the trap the snake catcher put in my washer. The trap had no snake, just the eggs left as bait. I hope that the snake eventually gets hungry and goes for the eggs. I’m just not there to check the trap.

I flew up to Boston to visit Carter. About this time last year she invited me to come to see Elton John at his fifth and he says, final farewell tour. Of course this was an invitation I accepted, taking the bet that Carter would still be in Boston.

This is my first visit to her wonderful new apartment on Beacon Hill. Being on the fifth floor is the only challenge since it does not have an elevator, but once you get to the fifth floor it is very worth it.

Carter went to work in the Seaport today and I went down to have dinner with her. Since the Seaport is totally new in the scheme of Boston I had never been there. WOW, is all I can say. We had dinner at a wonderful farm to table place called Wood Hill, over looking Boston Harbor.

After dinner we walked to Carter’s office and she showed me around before coming home. There is nothing more fun than visiting Carter and seeing her grown up life here in Boston. I told her the benefit of her living in a better and bigger place is that she lets me stay with her, so instead of spending money on hotels I can buy her plants.

She said the better part of living on the fifth floor is no snakes. I agree.

One Comment on “The Fifth Floor”

  1. beth says:

    Snake trap! Yikes. The food looks amazing

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