Nothing Makes A Teacher Prouder

My goal as a Mah Jongg teacher is to enable all my students to be able to beat me. Now there is some luck in the game so beating me once is not enough. Twice is good, but three times in a row means my work is done.

Today my friends and students Nancy and Jeanne invited me to come play with them. Russ is away so Shay Shay and I took this perfect opportunity to go over to Nancy’s store and play some after hours games.

Jeanne and Nancy have taken to Mah Jongg. They have a regular group, which meets often. Every once in a while they text me a question, but for the most part they are fully trained players.

All players can go through a dry spell where they don’t win. I like to remind all new players that if you are playing with four people you only have about a 22 % chance of winning. It is not 25% because sometimes no one wins and you have a wall game. New players have more wall games than experienced players. So if you play four games and don’t win you are not outside the norm. This bit of information makes some people feel better than others.

I try and not beat my students right away, but sometimes I can’t help it. That happened this afternoon. I won the first game fairly quickly. Nancy commented that she had not won in a number of weeks. I told her that her time would come. Jeanne won the second game. Good for her. Then Nancy won the next three games in a row!! WooHoo! It makes a teacher so happy when her student beats her.

Congratulations to Nancy for superior play and adjusting her play on the fly. I can say you have more than graduated. My work is done.

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