I might as well write my blog as I am sitting in the “cell phone lot” at the airport waiting to give friends a ride home. I have been here an hour and so has their plane. Unfortunately right when they landed this huge storm came in making it unsafe for airline employees to drive the jet bridge the 50 feet to the plane. It is also unsafe to unload baggage so we wait.

I brought Shay with me because she has been despondent that Russ is away. What a mistake. Now she is despondent about the weather and demanded to be let out of her seatbelt harness. She stands pushing on my legs panting. She has refused water and is worrying like an old woman, panting and looking out the windows.

My friends told me to leave, but I didn’t see a reason to drive through the dangerous storm, so I’ve stayed put. This might be my excuse why I got so little done today. Not that I was planning on vacuuming tonight, but I might have.

For now it’s just waiting…waiting…

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