My Garden is Failing

Or maybe I am failing as a gardener. It’s been bad weather for my garden. Too cold a spring, too hot and dry summer. Those excuses are not the reason my garden is failing, but I don’t know why yet.

For years I was unable to grow tomatoes. The plants would grow and I would get one round of tomatoes and then the plant would whither and die very early. Last year, with the advent of the new garden I grew tomatoes well into October. I don’t know what has happened, but I am back to my old tomato’s problem. I had two plants barely produce. A third was weak. Four others looked to be doing well, but now are succumbing to the same problem. I have to dig one up and take it to NC state to have it analyzed.

Last year I had an over abundance of peppers of all kinds. This year I have six plants and only one with fruit. My squash all got a Boring worm and one by one they are going. My successful crops have been cucumbers, of which I have had hundreds and butternut squash.

No green beans yet. A Few okra and two eggplants today. I have some potatoes a friend gave me, but I have not dug them up yet.

With my hurt leg and the crazy hot weather I have not been spending as much time out there, but I am not sure how I could have saved things.

Damn squirrel

To add insult to injury that is a squirrel who has come to taste the few red tomatoes I had on the vines. I have taken to picking the tomatoes when they are just blush to save them from the critters. It is all very discouraging

One Comment on “My Garden is Failing”

  1. Carol walker says:

    Me too in our new very good dirt garden at Croasdaile.


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