A Surprise for Shay

Today is the kind of traumatic day that Shay Shay hates. It started with a very early morning visit by her groomer. Shay is unaccustomed to people coming to the door before eight in the morning. She barked to let me know someone was outside and then hid behind me shaking when she saw it was her hairdresser.

The groomer is very sweet and Shay just doesn’t like anyone cutting her hair. Sadly she had to have a serious cut due to too many thick curly tangled locks. She came in after the buzz cut and snuggled with her Daddy.

The second trauma of the day came when she saw her Daddy packing his suitcase. He had a late afternoon flight to Chicago. Shay lay despondently on my bed after the little Smartie reversed out of the garage, and the door went back down. I tried to console her, but she blamed me for all her bad luck today.

About forty minutes after Russ left I received a call from him. Sure enough his flight was canceled just as he pulled into the parking garage. He had checked if it was on time before leaving the house and verified that the aircraft he was taking out was on time in. There was no explanation about the cancelation and the worst part is he can’t get a new flight until Thursday morning. I knew that afternoon flight was going to be risky.

So Shay doesn’t know it yet, but her dreams and wishes are about to come true when her Daddy is going to walk back in the door. So glad her day can end better than it started .

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