Honor to Serve

I am trying to take it easy to recover from my hamstring injury. Thankfully today was a low commitment day. The one thing I had to do was serve at the funeral service for Mike Rosenmarkle at church. I have now aged into serving on the funeral committee. That means I bake cookie and make sandwiches when needed. Today I was only needed to serve punch. (I didn’t make the lunch, but got quite a lot of positive comments about it.)

My other responsibility is I supply the magnolia trees from which leaves and flowers are cut for flower arrangements. Carol Walker, who is more in charge has been using my magnolia since she moved out of her house near me and no longer has a big magnolia. She used to call me and ask if she could cut magnolia, but I have since given her carté blanche to get what she needs.

I was able to witness one of her beautiful punch bowl wreaths using the magnolia, with hydrangea and sunflowers.

Serving at the funeral of a fellow church member is an honor. I loved getting to talk with Kay, Mike’s wife and her daughter. Turns out her son is going to Northeastern this fall and she knew my name from the parent group.

The loss of a loved one is a trying time and it is so nice that our church shoulders the work of a reception for the guests at the service. It gives everyone a chance to talk and see the family and share stories of their loved one with them.

I figure I will be on this committee until I can no longer serve lunch. Let’s hope that is a good twenty five more years.

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