The Two Father’s in My Life

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers I know. This is a bitter sweet day as it is my first Father’s Day without my actual father. He was never one for a big Father’s Day celebration, but he was a great father to me. He never missed an opportunity to teach me an important lesson. No one ever believed in me more than my Dad. He was also the best story teller I knew with a great sense of humor. I wish I had recorded him telling more stories.

With my Dad gone, Russ is the only father around. Since Carter is not home to celebrate him as her father everything is left to me. Well, Russ is getting cheated out of a big day. I am still crippled and he is cleaning out the dishwasher himself, even on Father’s Day. He is like my Dad in that way, good at doing chores without being asked. I can not think of a better father than Russ and I know I am lucky to have him as a partner in raising Carter.

Shay also considers him her top dog. To really make Russ happy Shay will let him take her on a very long walk. That alone is not enough so we are going to have to postpone showing him how much we appreciate him when we are all together next weekend.

I wish today I could feel nothing but happy for Russ, but the sadness of missing my Dad is putting a cloud on the day.

2 Comments on “The Two Father’s in My Life”

  1. Carol Walker says:

    Got bless you. It gets easier but even after 20 years I miss my wonderful Dad. Just keep remembering the happy times and think of the things he taught you that you will ALWAYS. Remember.


  2. jane carter says:

    me too

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